Danmark Securityfinal 300One of our key business areas is our ability to provide you with security and surveillance equipment.

We provide a custom security solution for your office space that is state-of-the-art and managed through our company. We provide not only the equipment but we also custom install our system for maximum benefit. You can offer peace of mind to your employees and customers that look to you for their safety while at your facility.

Security systems also provide a high level of protection for your company from theft. It’s sad, but most companies lose a lot of money each year from employee theft. As both a deterrent and safeguard, a security and surveillance system would be your eyes and ears on the floor to monitor anything and everything. You have the convenience of staying connected with your company from monitoring stations on the premises or remotely using a mobile device or home computer.

Our security and surveillance cameras are a “best value” for small businesses needing to stay on a budget. If you need to stay connected with our business and cameras are the answer, we can help you develop a solution that fits your needs.

Once you’ve had one of our technical consultations, you’ll know what you’re getting and what it will do for your business… in plain English.